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Bamboo Chime-Carved Flower

Bamboo Chime-Carved Flower

By: Yard and Garden Art


Carved Flower-Bamboo Chime by Balinese artist Kedek Setiawan

Product Description

Completely handcrafted, made from coconut husk, coconut fibers, and nylon twine for durability.It will produces a unique, mellow-sounding tone that is simply beautiful. This chime uses all renewable resources and is totally earth-friendly. While the bamboo tubes are varnished for outdoor protection. This hand crafted Bamboo chime has been made by Kedek Setiawan who live in a village in Bali where most people works with bamboo. The technique has been kept for many generations, transmitted from elder to children. Kadek, learned the bamboo furniture skills from his father and started making chimes for his children. He quickly discovered he had an avid creative side, which he could satisfy, making his crafts.

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