• Down to Earth Breadtopia Dry Sourdough Starter - 10 g
  • Down to Earth Breadtopia Dry Sourdough Starter - 10 g

Breadtopia Dry Sourdough Starter - 10 g

Breadtopia’s Dry Sourdough Bread Yeast starter contains a vigorous strain of wild yeast. This is the yeast strain that they use in house for all of their sourdoughs and the results speak for themselves!
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Sourdough contain a number of naturally occurring organisms, ranging from wild yeast to beneficial Lactobacillus bacteria. Due to the biodiversity in a sourdough starter each one adds its own unique flavor profile to your baked goods.

Follow the instructions in the video below to revive the dormant sourdough starter.  You should have an active starter within a few days and can begin baking then. If fed regularly, your starter can be sustained indefinitely.

You can also find a number of sourdough recipes on the Breadtopia Website

Ingredients: Organic wheat flour and wild yeast culture.

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