• Beer and Wine Cholaca Unsweetened Liquid Cacao - 32 oz

Cholaca Unsweetened Liquid Cacao - 32 oz

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Cholaca is pure liquid cacao made from the highest quality ingredients in the world. It is completely free of additives and emulsifiers. Cholaca is converted into a water based liquid through a proprietary process. Cholaca is incredibly easy to use and MUCH more consistent than cacao nibs. Cholaca is also much more stable/sterile than nibs which can harbor spoilage organisms. Breweries usually add Cholaca post fermentation to their chocolate beers and the result is chocolate enhanced (not extracted) flavor, this also creates consistency from batch to batch. There is also no clogging of filters and virtually no tank residue. holaca buys its beans directly from co-ops that utilize sustainable farming practices in Ecuador and Peru. They support only fair trade farmers and never buy from farms using child labor. Storage: Product must be refrigerated. Shelf Life: 9 months unopened / 30 days once seal is broken
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