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Fuggle Hops-Whole Leaf

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FuggleWL-Size-2 oz
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This variety was noticed growing "wild" in the hop garden of George Stace Moore's house at Horsmonden in Kent, England in 1861. In 1875 it was introduced by Richard Fuggle who lived in the village of Brenchley (not far from Horsmonden) and hence it was called Fuggle. The aroma is earthier and less sweet than Kent Goldings. These are US grown Fuggle. 

Alpha Acid: 3-6%

Beta Acid: 2-3%

Co-humulone (% of alpha acid): 30-33%

Total Oils (ml/100g): 0.7-1.2ml


Substitutions: Williamette, Styrian Golding.

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