• FermFast Super Kleer Finings

Super Kleer Finings

A powerful fining agent that works great in wine, beer, cider, mead, and hard seltzer! This fining agent utilizes both positively and negatively charged compounds and will rapidly clarify your beverage.
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FermFast SuperKleer Dual Finings is an excellent choice for a clarifier in home made beverage! No more using Isinglass, Gelatin Finings, Sparkalloid, or other old school clarifiers.  


Stir the contents of packet A1 Kieselsol into your homemade beverage fermentation is complete, be sure not to over agitate. After a minimum of 1 hour, proceed to adding packet A2 (Chitosan).

Gently stir the A2 packet (Chitosan) into your homemade beverage, mix for 30 seconds, and reseal your fermentor.

DualFine generally clears your beverage within 12-48 hours.  

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