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Weyermann Carafa II

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Carafa II is a specialty malt produced by Weyermann that bears some semblance to Chocolate malt but with a more unique character. Carafa II is a roasted malt produced from fine spring 2-row barley grown in the heart of Germany. You can expect an aromatic and flavor contribution similar to other roasted grains but with a slightly more nuanced character. Notes of espresso and fresh ground coffee mingle with a subtle chocolaty character and a touch of roast may be show on the finish as well. This is a typical grain for an addition to darker lagers or a good substitution for a Stout or Porter recipe if you ever wanted to play with something new. As far as color contribution is concerned, this grain will lend a deep coffee-brown hue to the final product. Use at up to 5% of the grain bill.
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