• Beer and Wine Zythos Hops-Pellets
  • Beer and Wine Zythos Hops-Pellets

Zythos Hops-Pellets

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A proprietary hop blend created to embody the powerful tradition and aroma you expect from your finest ales and IPA brews. ZYTHOS™ is an IPA style blend created to optimize and exceed the aroma characteristics you require. ZYTHOS™ is not a replacement for proprietary varieties, but rather a premium pellet blend that will compliment your current IPA and Pale Ale brews.

Alpha Acid: 10-12.5%

Beta Acid: 4.7-6.2%

Co-Humulone(% of Alpha Acid): 28-31%

Total Oils (ml/100g): 0.7-1.2ml

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