• Mushroom Mountain Chicken of the Woods Plug Spawn - 100 count

Chicken of the Woods Plug Spawn - 100 count

Chicken of the Woods 'Phil' produces an attractive salmon pink fruiting body with white pores underneath. Typically fruiting in the fall and prefers White Oak for inoculation.
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Chicken of the Woods are a polypore species that are best harvested when young.  It is recommended to take the soft and tender tissue found at the tips of the fruiting body and allowing those to set new tips that can be harvested in a week or two.  This species of fungi requires a boil prior to cooking.  Typically, these fungi can take 2-3 years to establish and begin fruiting so don't give up if you don't see them in the first year!  The 'Phil' varietal was harvested from a White Oak stump in Georgia and prefers to inoculate the same or similar species.  

Chicken of the Woods weren't named by accident.  You can expect the Chicken of the Woods to have a texture and flavor very similar to.....well, chicken!  Boil before cooking. 

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
Variable fruiting temps. Typically in the fall but spring fruiting is possible.  

Wood Types/Media
Prefers oaks and does well when spread between stacked oak slabs or stumps. Does not do well on hemlock or cherry. 


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