Scrub Queen Replaceable Toilet Brush

The Scrub Queen Toilet Brush is as environmentally friendly as it is stylish and attractive! A smooth, modern, ceramic base and bamboo accented handle make this toilet brush stand out from the rest. Add to it the fact that you can replace the head and y

Scrub Queen Toilet Brush Refill

Replacement heads for the Scrub Queen Toilet Brush.

Suds Up Dish Sponge Refill

A replacement sponge for the Suds Up Soap Dispensing Sponge. Made using plant based materials.

Suds Up Soap-Dispensing Dish Sponge

Sleek design, sustainable inspiration, and pragmatic execution all in one handy dish sponge. An attractive bamboo handle with a replaceable head.

Walnut Scrubber Sponge - 2 pack

A responsibly made dish sponge crafted from walnut shell, plant cellulose, and recycled plastic.