Sun Gro Metro-Mix 360 - 2.8 cu ft

Metro-Mix® 360 is a great choice for propagating seedlings or cuttings, filling trays or liners, and general floriculture. This mix comes out pretty fine with a small and even particle size. Great for sensitive root systems and moisture retention!

Stalite Permatill - 38lb

Permatill is an excellent amendment for increasing drainage and aeration in your soil! It can also help repel moles, voles, and other burrowing critters!

Flying Skull Nuke Em Organic Pesticide - 8 oz

An OMRI approved organic pesticide and organic fungicide all in one! Flying Skull Nuke Em® is your one step solution to garden pests and diseases.

SunBlaster NanoTech T5 HO Fluorescent Fixture - 2 ft

T5 fluorescent grow light strips are great for seed starting, cloning, propagation, houseplants, and more!