Advanced Nutrients Connoisseur Grow Part B - ltr

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Advanced Nutrients are produced using the highest quality source materials and production processes available.  Given the breadth and depth of their offerings you are sure to find what you need for your particular grow.  Advanced Nutrients has products for soil, coco, and hydroponics that are made using synthetics, organics, or a dynamic combination of both. 

From experienced home growers to commercial growers, this pH Perfect Connoisseur product from Advanced Nutrients is the perfect addition for your plans as it keeps the soil pH in the growing "sweet spot." In addition to pH stabilization, this product contains a secondary layer of protection: chelation.

The powerful chelation in this formulation makes nutrients more available to the roots than they would be otherwise. All the primary, secondary, and micronutrients are supplied in fully or partially chelated form – some even in multiple chelated forms. Additionally, this product provides supplemental nutrients like H-2 (Humic acids), F-1 (Fulvic acid), 20 amino acids, and more.

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