Kootenay Green Line Filter 2000 w/8" Flange - 1180 CFM

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Kootenay's Green Line Carbon Filters are the only carbon filters we know of that are made in North America using carbon from a renewable resource. Green Line filters feature a 2 inch bed of wood based carbon sourced from forest fires. It is then activated, dusted, and screened to ensure quality and consistency. Each filter is built with a solid galvanized steel housing and includes a prefilter to help extend the life of the filter. Replacement prefilters are available.

Max Exhaust CFM 590 CFM
Max Recirculate CFM 1180 CFM
Max Operating Temp 176˚F
Min Recommended Airflow 295 CFM
Outside Diameter 11.8"
Length 39.5"
Total Weight 39.6 lbs
Carbon Weight 22.5 lbs
Carbon Bed 2.0"

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