Mixcraft Orange Hibiscus Infusion Kit

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Mixcraft is a small woman owned company that makes drink infusion kits that are perfect for entertaining guests or taking in a relaxing evening at home.   Their kits utilize the best ingredients available, feature no added sugar, and can be made zero proof with hot water or turned into a cocktail with an alcohol soak.

Flavor Profile: This blend contains sweet Turkish orange peel & cut Egyptian hibiscus flowers, yielding an infusion that's bright & citrusy.

Ingredients: Sweet Turkish orange peel, Cut Egyptian Hibiscus flowers.

Each kit includes: 
- Infusion ready reusable glass bottle
- Ingredient Pouch 
- Collapsible silicone funnel for filling
- Instructions tag

These kits are free from gluten, preservatives, added sugars or sweetners, and artificial flavors or colors.

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