Active Aqua MegaGarden Hydroponic Grow System

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Experience the convenience of an Ebb & Flow style hydroponic system in a compact garden. Ebb & flow, aka flood & drain, systems work by pumping a nutrient solution up from a reservoir to a grow tray that controls the water level. The grow tray will fill and empty on a timed cycle.  This method of flooding and then draining ensures that all plants are watered uniformly and regularly.

The MegaGarden has a 22"x22"x10" footprint and is great for apartments, small homes, or introductory grows!  


  • 7.5 gal reservoir
  • Grow tray insert
  • Submersible pump and a timer
  • Seed starter cubes
  • Water level indicator
  • Growing medium & 15x 5.5" square planters
  • pH test kit
  • Illustrated instructions

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