Red Reishi Mushroom Plug Spawn - 100 count

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This red strain of Reishi (Ganoderma lucidum) is a commercial Chinese strain of Reishi that is also referred to as the “Mushroom of Immortality” or Ling-Chi. It is beautifully lacquered with mostly red new growth and white on the tips. Reishi is a potent medicinal mushroom with benefits purported to range from sugar regulation for diabetics to cancer fighting properties. Reishi is usually used to make tinctures and extracts with the fruit bodies, and use the extracts to dose beverages. This mushroom grows on oak, cherry and maple logs, half buried being the best, but are capable of adapting to other hardwoods. This reishi is corky and bitter, so it is recommended to dry them fresh and grind them up in a blender to make a fluffy fiber, then make extracts. 

Mostly bitter with a corky texture.  Not one that is usually recommended for consumption

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
Red Reishi has a pretty wide fruiting range and will produce in the 60-85˚F range

Wood Types/Media
Hardwood logs like oak, elm, maple, sycamore, beech, plum, peach, mimosa 

Package contains ~100 inoculated plugs by weight.

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