Super Sprouter® Aqua Clone® Deep Water Cloner - 24 site

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The Aqua Clone® 24 site cloning machine relies on of recirculating heavily aerated water being recirculated over your cuttings and clones.  No sprayers to worry about clogging because you're relying on a submersible pump! The Aqua Clone® aeration pump pulls oxygen in from the surrounding environment and creates turbulence in order to continuously nurture your cuttings.
The Aqua Cloner® has built-in finger holes in the lid for easy removal of neoprene collars. Also featuring simple lift handles in the lid that let you to look for roots without disturbing your babies. The reservoir is elevated just slightly to promote water temperature control.
- 30x colored neoprene inserts, 6 extra!
Aqua Clone® aeration pump
- Reservoir body and lid

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