Mary Washington 2 Year Old Asparagus Crowns - 6 pack

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‘Mary Washington’ is the go to variety for home or commercial growers. It's one of the most popular varieties grown by home gardeners due to being disease resistant and yielding loads of tender, flavorful shoots. This open pollinated variety will produce an abundance of shoots once established. You can expect medium to large purplish tinged, tightly-budded spears. Grows well throughout the Midwest and is somewhat rust resistant.

Height: 6-18"
Spacing: 18"
Hardiness Zones: 2-9
Exposure: Full sun
Harvest: Spring

Planting Instructions:
Plant in early spring in a sunny location of sandy loam with good drainage.
1. Dig a trench 6" deep
2. Place the roots in the trench, spreading the roots so they remain flat.
3. Cover with 3" of dirt and once growth begins, fill in the additional 3" of soil.

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