Victoria Rhubarb Crown - 3 pack

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Victoria’ Rhubarb features juicy, medium-sized stalks and has been a favored variety for many years. It has a wonderfully tart flavor and works superbly in pies and sauces. The leaf stalks can be harvested starting in spring over an 8 week period once the plants are mature. It is a heavy producer and excellent for commercial purposes. This often regarded is the best cooking rhubarb with a noticeably sweet and mild character compared to other varieties. Stalks are slender, very tender,and cook quickly and easily. Plants are prolific with green stalks and a red blush. It develops pink speckling on a light green stalk with the pink color being more intense at the bottom of the stalk, fading to a solid Green near the top. The plants have striking, large greenish-red colored leaves. Produces large stalks of excellent quality, long, round with smooth ribs.

Rhubarb is a hardy perennial that is very easy to grow and trouble-free. One plant will supply you with enough fruit for many pies and jam. Its pucker-power is exactly what makes rhubarb the world’s favorite pie plant. Rhubarb prefers cool weather, but it can be grown in areas where the weather is warm or hot. In warmer climates the leaf stalks can become thin and spindly. Attractive perennial plants will accent your landscape and remain productive for decades.

Size: 1.5+"
Height: 2-3'
Spacing: 3-4'
Hardiness Zone:2-9. Rhubarb is grown all over the country (except in the deep South) and across much of Canada. It is very winter hardy and drought resistant.
Exposure: Full sun

Planting Instructions:
Plant in early spring in any well-drained, fertile soil, in the sun. Plant in the spring, when the ground is workable.
1. Set the crowns just below ground level. 2. Fertilize the area liberally with manure or garden fertilizer. 3. Keep the soil moist and free of weeds during the growing season. Remove the flower spikes as they appear. Space plants about 3 ft. apart.

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