GE Balanced Spectrum LED Grow Light - 9w

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This balanced light spectrum LED Grow Light is designed for plants in their vegetative stage and is perfect for seedlings, houseplants, and greens. This LED uses a balanced spectrum with a red:blue ratio inspired by professional growers. The spectrum allows for the optimization of not just chlorophyll but also other plant pigments. When compared to typical purple grow lights, this light features a higher PPF in order to provide more light for photosynthesis and growth. The white light appears more natural, so you can appreciate the beauty of your plant and spot pests or discolorations with ease. Use the balanced light spectrum with high light plants like tomatoes and peppers and low light plants like leafy greens and herbs throughout their growing cycle. 

- Low energy usage at 9w and very low heat produced
- Long life: 25,000 hours
- Balanced spectrum is perfect for a variety of plants
- Natural white light
- Non-dimmable
- BR30 (3-3 with 4-inch diameter) shape and size
- Medium base (E26)

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