GroStar pH 4 & 7 Calibration Solution Kit - 8 oz

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Calibrating your pH equipment is a critical step to maintaining accurate readings and measurements.  The Grostar pH Calibration kit includes an 8 oz bottle of both their pH 7.0 and pH 4.0 calibration solutions.  

Kit includes:
1x 8 oz. pH 4.0 calibration solution
1x 8 oz. pH 7.0 calibration solution


  •  pH measuring equipment must be cleaned and calibrated regularly to ensure accurate readings.
  • High accuracy (0. 01 pH): standardized against NIST Certified pH references within 0. 01 pH at 25˚C (77˚F). ideal for the calibration of all pH meters
  • Color-coded, double-sealed, 1-year shelf life
  • Expiration date and temperature/ph reference chart provided for reference
  • Non-hazardous product
  • Calibration Solution should be stored in a cool place out of direct sun and heat.

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