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Bell Pot with Saucer-Matte Gray-4.75 inBell Pot with Saucer-Matte Gray-4.75 in
Bell Pot with Saucer-Matte Green-4.75 in
Blue Glazed Pot with Saucer
Chloe Planter-Small-Green-5.5x6in
Chloe Planter-Small-Saffron-5.5x6inChloe Planter-Small-Saffron-5.5x6in
Chloe Planter-Small-White-5.5x6in
Doodle Planter-with Stand-Assorted-5x6in
Dottie Planter-with Stand-Assorted-5x6in
Elsa Planter-Small-Assorted-5x4.25in
Emerson Planter - Matte Yellow - 7x7 in
Emerson Planter-Matte Green-7x7in
Emerson Planter-Matte White-7x7in
Fiona Planter-Small-Dark Green-5.25x5.25in
Haley Planter-Black-4.5x5in
Haley Planter-Yellow-4.5x5in
Harper Minis - 3" Assorted
Maya Planter-with Stand-Assorted-5x6in
Reese Planter-Blush-5.5x6in
Reese Planter-Salmon-5.5x6in
Standard Glazed Pot with Saucer-Green-5.75x5 in
Standard Glazed Pot with Saucer-Red-5.75x5 in
Zoe Planter-Large with Saucer-6x5.75in

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