• Down to Earth Down to Earth Organic Neem Seed Meal - 5 lb

Down to Earth Organic Neem Seed Meal - 5 lb

Down to Earth is known for producing quality organic products with responsibly sourced ingredients. Their all natural organic fertilizers are a great choice for enriching your gardens' soil and improving the health and vigor of your plants.
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Down To Earth’s all natural and certified Organic Neem Seed Meal (6-1-2) is a great choice for adding all natural ingredients to your garden soil and fertilizing your plants for an enriching gardening experience encouraging optimum plant health and vigor. This Neem Seed Meal is produced from cold pressed seeds of the Neem Tree (i.e. Azadirachta indica). Bet you didn't know Neem products came from a tree!

Neem Seed Meal is also often called 'neem cake'.

Down to Earth's Neem Seed Meal has an NPK of 6-1-2 and can be added to your soils or potting media, used as a top dress around growing plants or steeped to make a potent liquid solution


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