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Gardening For a Lifetime by Sydney Eddison

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In "Gardening for a Lifetime," now in paperback, Sydney Eddison draws on her own forty years of gardening to provide a practical and encouraging roadmap for scaling back while keeping up with the gardening activities that each gardener loves most. Like replacing demanding plants like delphiniums with sturdy, relatively carefree perennials like sedums, rudbeckias, and daylilies. Or taking the leap and hiring help another pair of hands, even for a few hours a week, goes a long way toward getting a big job done. Or maybe it makes sense to get rid of high-maintenance trees, shrubs, or perennials. The paperback edition features a new chapter in which Sydney 's struggles with hip and back problems force her to walk the walk. As a friend of hers says, "Last summer you wrote the book. Now, I'm happy to see that you've read it." Gentle, personable, and practical, "Gardening for a Lifetime" will be welcomed by all gardeners looking to transform gardening from a list of daunting chores into the rewarding, joy-filled activity it was meant to be.
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