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Blue & White Ceramic Compost Crock

Ceramic Compost Keepers are an attractive option for your standard countertop compost bin! Heavy duty and super sheik to boot! These work great for composting kitchen scraps, coffee grounds, and more!

Scrub Queen Replaceable Toilet Brush

The Scrub Queen Toilet Brush is as environmentally friendly as it is stylish and attractive! A smooth, modern, ceramic base and bamboo accented handle make this toilet brush stand out from the rest. Add to it the fact that you can replace the head and y

Coffee Sock Reusable Coffee Filter - #4 Cone Filter (2pk)

A reusable coffee filter made in the USA using organic cotton?! You heard right! Stop throwing away paper coffee filters and start using a Coffee Sock® today! Simply rinse, ring, and hang to dry.

Compost Caddy Countertop Composter

Composting is a great way to reduce landfill waste!

Afterglow Solar Bottle Lantern Kit

The Afterglow Solar Bottle Lantern Kit allows you to reuse old bottles in a fun, creative, and eco-friendly way. These solar lights will provide thousands of hours of accent lighting in your garden or yard.

Bees Wrap Assorted Wraps - Ocean

Bee’s Wrap is a friendly, natural, and sustainable alternative to using plastic wraps! Try this organic, reusable, compostable, and certified sustainable wrap and keep plastics out of the trash!