• Pest and Disease I Must Garden Ant Control - 32 oz

I Must Garden Ant Control - 32 oz

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I Must Garden Ant Control is a highly effective, chemical free way to rid your lawn, garden, or living space of ants. Botanical oils and other ingredients are combined to create a spray that safely kills on contact and controls ant populations in treated areas. Applying I Must Garden Ant Control is easy – simply spray areas you want protected, or use as a soil drench to eliminate ant colonies. There are no poisons, harmful chemicals or toxic glues in our products. All of our controls are safe to use around children and pets, and are completely biodegradable. Must Garden Ant Control is pleasantly scented, making application easier and more enjoyable than ever. Natural ingredients like mint oil kill and repel insects, but smell great to people. Ingredients: Peppermint Oil Soybean Oil Garlic Vinegar Molasses Garlic Potassium Sorbate Xanthan Gum
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