• If You Care If You Care Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags - 13 Gallon

If You Care Compostable Tall Kitchen Bags - 13 Gallon

The If You Care line of products is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality products while maintaining the smallest possible impact on the environment. Their products are recycled, biodegradable, and fairly sourced in every case possible.
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If You Care's Biodegradable Compostable Trash Bags and Food Waste bags are made using a blend of certified compostable polymer and non-GMO potato starch.  There are absolutely no plasticizers added in the production of this product.  

Why Potato Starch?

Starch is a blend of linear and nonlinear glucose polymers and the balance of those polymers determines how strong they are.  Potato starches feature a higher proportion of the non-linear amylopectin which makes it stronger than wheat and corn based products.  Also, the starch in these products comes from potatoes bred for starch and ergo there is no diversion from a food source.  These potatoes are also a better choice as they require less land than conventional varieties and much less irrigation than corn bred for the same reason.  

Why use Biodegradable Trash Bags?
In one word, plastic.  The World Economic Forum predicts that there will be more plastic in our oceans than fish by the year 2050.  Single use plastics wreak havoc on our environment both in regards to the production processes and their impact when recycled.  Reduce your impact on the environment by reducing your plastic use.  

Contains 12x 13 gallon (49.2L) bags.  Dimensions are 2' x 2' 1/4" x .75ml


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