• Canna Canna Coco Brick - 40 liters
  • Canna Canna Coco Brick - 40 liters
  • Canna Canna Coco Brick - 40 liters

Canna Coco Brick - 40 liters

The Canna Coco Brick is the same top quality coco coir that is found in their 50 L bag. Thoroughly washed and rinsed, buffered, RHP certified, and sterilized without steam. Expands to 40L of coco media.
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CANNA, the specialist in coco production and famous for its high quality CANNA COCO medium in 50 liter bags, has received many requests over the years for coco in a compressed form but with the same high quality. CANNA would only consider introducing a brick if it would really be different than any other brick available. After several years of development and testing, CANNA has succeeded in producing a coco brick that is the exact same high quality medium that CANNA is known for but in a compressed form and one that truly makes a difference. A hole difference! Its most distinctive feature is the hole. It creates extra surface which makes it easier to absorb water. Therefore the CANNA COCO Brick expands extremely fast. This brick makes life easier in many ways: it is easy to use and it saves the grower time, money and effort. If you want to know the 'hole' difference. This CANNA COCO brick is the exact same high quality as the much desired loose fill CANNA COCO. This means it is made from the highest quality ingredients. It is washed and buffered, not steam sterilized and RHP certified for horticulture. The buffering process allows CANNA to “pre-program” the medium to a certain age. This ensures the same consistent, high quality medium time after time. The composition of coco components blended together offers the best water-air ratio.



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