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Keg Carbonation Lid

Carbonate your kegs in a flash with the Carbonation Lid! A .5 micron Diffusion Stone helps increase the surface area of the gas going into the keg and decrease the time it takes to carbonate. Science!
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This carbonation lid will fit most standard Ball and Pin Lock homebrew kegs.  It features a standard Ball Lock Gas Post on the lid, 20 inches of tubing to suspend into the keg, and a .5 micron Stainless Steel Diffusion Stone. 

How to use your new Keg Carbonating Lid:

Before You Get Going:
It's best to ensure that your beer/beverage is cold (ideally 34–38°F ) before you proceed. The colder you can get it the better!  Gas absorbs into colder liquids much better than warmer ones.

Instructions for using the Keg Carbonating Lid for Beer:

  1. We recommend you boil your diffusion stone for a few minutes before first use to make sure that your stone is sanitized and remove any residue.
  2. You'll also want to sanitize the entire keg lid, line and stone with a sanitizer solution before dropping into your full keg. We recommend Star San or a similar sanitizer. 
  3. Set the PSI on your CO2 regulator to around 2-3 PSI and attach your gas disconnect to the gas-in post on the keg (not the post on the top of the carbonating lid). Go ahead and pull the relief valve a couple of times on the keg lid to purge any oxygen inside.
  4. Take the gas disconnect from the gas-in post on the keg off and attach it to the post on the top of the Keg Carbonating Lid. Leave keg hooked up this way at the 2-3 PSI for a couple of minutes.
  5. Raise your pressure approximately 2-3 PSI every hour or so until you reach 10-12 PSI.  Leave your keg at this pressure for 24 hours.
  6. After 24 hours go ahead and pour yourself a brew.  If you think you want more carbonation, leave the lid on for a few more hours and test it again.  When you get the carbonation level you want, you can swap the Keg Carbonating Lid with a standard keg lid so that you can use the Keg Carbonating Lid on your next batch.
  7. In order to swap lids: Remove the gas post from the Keg Carbonating Lid, release the pressure from the keg by pulling the relief valve on the Keg Carbonating Lid. Swap the standard keg lid for the Carbonating Keg Lid, then reattach your gas disconnect to the gas-in post on your keg. 
  8. Important: The Keg Carbonating Lid must be properly cleaned and sanitized after each use. We recommend removing your carb stone and boiling it for a few minutes so that it will be clean and ready for your next batch. 
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