• Mushroom Mountain Maitake Plug Spawn Kit - 100ct
  • Mushroom Mountain Maitake Plug Spawn Kit - 100ct

Maitake Plug Spawn Kit - 100ct

Maitake, also referred to as 'Hen of the Woods', is a delicious and highly medicinal strain of polypore. Growing Maitake requires time and patience but can be incredibly rewarding!
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A gorgeous clumping polypore,  Maitake (a.k.a Hen of the Wood) is known for its full and rich flavor, prized medicinal qualities, and beautiful structure.  This particular Maitake strain was collected from a White Oak located in the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC.  Maitake are known to take longer to establish themselves and begin fruiting as the mycelium is a very slow one to spread.  However, once established you can expect fruiting for many years.  Can be consumed cooked, dried, as a tincture, and so on. 


Maitake have a strong and forward flavor,  meaty, unctuous, and savory.  Texture is purported to be crunchy and meat-like.  Recommended to cook using oil instead of butter to open up the flavors. 

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
Maitake will fruit for you in the fall and winter and prefers a temperature in the 50-65˚F range in order to produce fruiting bodies.    

Wood Types/Media
Maitake actually grows on buried wood and likes to spread under the leaf layer on the ground prior to sending up fruits.  We recommend buried oak logs/stumps. 

Package contains 100 inoculated plugs. 


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