• Monterey Monterey Organic Epsom Salts - 4 lb

Monterey Organic Epsom Salts - 4 lb

Monterey's Organic Epsom salts provides plants with much needed magnesium. This assists in the production of chlorophyll which helps promote plant vigor. Epsom salts also promote flowering in roses and other flowers!
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Monterey's Organic Epsom Salts are OMRI listed for use in organic gardening.  Epsom salts are a little known amendment that can have a surprising impact on plant health and flowering vigor.  Epsom salts provide magnesium, an element that assists plants in producing chlorophyll AND absorb phosphorous.  More chlorophyll means more photosynthesis and more phosphorous means healthier roots and flowers.  What could be better for your plants! 

Epsom salts can be helpful for addressing magnesium deficiencies or in promoting both the quality and number of flowers produce by roses and other flowering plants.  

Give Epsom Salts a try in your organic garden! 

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