Fifth Season House Fulvic Acid - 5 Gal

Fulvic acid is organically derived and has a wide range of positive impacts when used in your garden. Fulvic and humic acids help increase the uptake of nutrients and micronutrients as well as increasing your soil's moisture retention.
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Fulvic acid is what's called natural acid organic polymer. Derived from humates and known to have a wide range of positive impacts on plant growth, Fulvic and humic acids both aid in the uptake of nutrients and micronutrients through a process known as chelation. In gardening, chelation loosely refers to a type of bond that can occur between compounds and, hopefully, make them more available to plants.  Fulvic and humic acid act as chelators and promote the type of bonds that make these nutrients more readily available to your plant's roots.  

Benefits of Fulvic Acid
- Increase nutrient/micronutrient uptake
- Improve root health/structure
- Improved drought tolerance
- Increase moisture permeation in soil
- Increase moisture retention in soil
- Improved disease resistance
- Reduces/removes toxic compounds from soil
- Adds trace elements/micronutrients

Application rate: ~ 1 Tbsp per 1 gallon of water

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