• Stalite Stalite Permatill - 38lb

Stalite Permatill - 38lb

Permatill is an excellent amendment for increasing drainage and aeration in your soil! It can also help repel moles, voles, and other burrowing critters!
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Permatill is a very unique soil amendment that is made by heating a specific type of slate to 2,000˚F and causing it to expand. This expansion creates an open and porous structure that is great for improving your soil by increasing drainage, aeration, and more! Permatill is great for breaking up heavy clay and compacted soils and it also naturally protects plants from moles and voles! 

Permatill Benefits and Properties

  • Sterile and inert with a neutral pH
  • Durable, high strength. One time soil amendment
  • 50% greater porous surface area due to expansion
  • 26.9 me/100g CEC for enhanced nutrient retention
  • Moisture retention: 6-10%
  • High water release curve allows for root uptake and movement through the soil

Permatill Landscape Application Guidelines
Permatill Vole Bloc and Clay Aeration Guidelines



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