• Premier Premiere Pro-Mix BX + Mycorrhizae Growing Media - 3.8 cu ft bale

Premiere Pro-Mix BX + Mycorrhizae Growing Media - 3.8 cu ft bale

Pro-Mix is a great peat moss based, general purpose planting mix! Inoculated with mycorrhizae in order to ensure a healthy root system for your plants, enhancing growth and yields. Pro-Mix BX is great for veggies, herbs, flowers, and more!
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ProMix BX w/Mycorrhizae is a general purpose, peat moss based planting mix that works great for vegetable and herb beds, raised beds, flowers, annuals, perennials, and more!  Inoculated with Mycorrhizae to ensure a vibrant and healthy root system that will maximize your plants growth and yield.  


  • Good moisture retention
  • Balanced for pH stability
  • Lightweight and well aerated
  • Inoculated with mycorrhizae
  • Easy to use and all-purpose

Pro Mix BX is comprised of 75-80% fibrous Canadian sphagnum peat moss, perlite, mycorrhizae, and lime to balance the pH of the blend.  

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Harold O Koenig Posted on 10 May 2020 at 17:51

Excellent product for container gardening.

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