Organic Gardening

Stalite Permatill - 38lb

Permatill is an excellent amendment for increasing drainage and aeration in your soil! It can also help repel moles, voles, and other burrowing critters!



Sun Gro Metro-Mix 360 - 2.8 cu ft

Metro-Mix® 360 is a great choice for propagating seedlings or cuttings, filling trays or liners, and general floriculture. This mix comes out pretty fine with a small and even particle size. Great for sensitive root systems and moisture retention!



FoxFarm Happy Frog Potting Soil - 2 cu ft

Happy Frog Potting Soil is one of our favorite products. Enhanced with soil microbes, bat guano, earthworm castings, and more! This soil is a great option for a wide range of container plants.



Orcon Live Ladybugs - 500 count

Ladybugs! The most famous beneficial insect! Ladybugs can eat up to 50 aphids a day, but they will also devour scale, mealy bugs, boil worms, leafhopper, and corn ear worm. They only eat insects and do not harm vegetation in any way!



Premiere Pro-Mix BX + Mycorrhizae Growing Media - 3.8 cu ft bale

Pro-Mix is a great peat moss based, general purpose planting mix! Inoculated with mycorrhizae in order to ensure a healthy root system for your plants, enhancing growth and yields. Pro-Mix BX is great for veggies, herbs, flowers, and more!



Perlite-4 cu ft

This popular growing medium is made from expanded volcanic rock and doesn't degrade over time. Perlite serves as a good growing medium for plants in containers and it helps to loosen heavy soils and improve outdoor gardens.



Super Coarse Perlite-4 cu ft

Perlite is increases aeration in soil mixes and it works great as a hydroponic medium! Super Coarse grade perlite is larger for increased drainage. Not available for shipping.



Algreen Soil Saver Classic Composter

The Algreen Soil Saver Classic Compost Bin is incredibly simple and easy to use. As with all of their products, you can expect top notch construction and durability, simple and intuitive design, and an attractive composter that won't be an eyesore in you