Organic Gardening

Premiere Pro-Mix BX + Mycorrhizae Growing Media - 3.8 cu ft bale

Pro-Mix is a great peat moss based, general purpose planting mix! Inoculated with mycorrhizae in order to ensure a healthy root system for your plants, enhancing growth and yields. Pro-Mix BX is great for veggies, herbs, flowers, and more!



Sun Gro Metro-Mix 360 - 2.8 cu ft

Metro-Mix® 360 is a great choice for propagating seedlings or cuttings, filling trays or liners, and general floriculture. This mix comes out pretty fine with a small and even particle size. Great for sensitive root systems and moisture retention!



Fifth Season's House Cover Crop Blend - 1 lb

We're happy to introduce our very own in-house cover crop blend! This blend is specially formulated for gardening in the Southeast and is designed to cover just about every base a cover crop can.



Fulvic Acid-Qt

Fulvic acid is organically derived and has a wide range of positive impacts when used in your garden. Fulvic and humic acids help increase the uptake of nutrients and micronutrients as well as increasing your soil's moisture retention.



The Timber Press Guide to Vegetable Gardening in the Southeast

The definitive guide to Gardening in the Southern region. This book by Southern Exposure's Ira Wallace is easily the most comprehensive and approachable guide to gardening in the South. The month-by-month layout makes starting a garden a breeze!