• Pest and Disease Serenade Organic Fungicide - 32 oz Concentrate

Serenade Organic Fungicide - 32 oz Concentrate

When it comes to controlling diseases and fungal pressures in the garden or your plant collection there's nothing that can beat Serenade! Effective against a wide range of diseases and fungal issues and super soft and easy on your plants!
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Serenade works by utilizing a naturally occurring microorganism that attacks bacteria that cause diseases and addresses fungal spores.  Effectively treat plants affected by powdery mildew (PM), rust, leaf spots, downy mildew, anthracnose, and more! Gardeners can spray the certified organic and OMRI-Listed Serenade Garden Disease Control on any part of a diseased plant without worrying about negative effects on fruit or foliage.  Since Serenade is a biological it can be safely used right up to the day of harvest!  Also, there are no concerns with runoff or toxicity.  Serenade won't build up in streams or other water sources so you can spray guilt free!  It also won't negatively affect beneficial insects in your garden.  Stay away from those nasty chemicals with Serenade Fungicide and Disease control!  

Dilution rate: 2-4 fl. oz per gallon of water

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