Muntons Torrified Wheat

Size: lb
Location lb
Asheville: 15
Carrboro: 0
Charlottesville: 7
Greensboro: 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0


Torrified wheat is unmalted wheat that has been put through a gentle heating process that essentially ‘puffs up’ the grain and exposes the starches such that they are more readily available to the various enzymes present in the mash. It is important to remember that Torrified Wheat is unmalted wheat and cannot be used to substitute for Wheat Malt. Torrified Wheat is a good substitute for Raw or Unmalted Wheat in Belgian Whites or Lambic styles. You can expect this adjunct to add body and aid in head formation/retention as well. This grain can be used at up to 40% of the grain bill.

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