CharGrow BioChar Source

Size: 20 qt
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Asheville: 19 14 0
Carrboro: 7 4 0
Charlottesville: 7 3 0
Greensboro: 6 0 0
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CharGrow's Bio Char Source™ is a proprietary blend of 100% wood-based biochar, organic compost, organic worm castings, mineral powders, and mycorrhizal fungi. It is designed to improve the health of your lawn and garden and to increase production in food crops.  This organic soil amendment relies on the power of soil microbes and helps to promote an optimum environment for their success.  

- Improves germination
- Improves moisture retention
- Stimulates growth
- Enhances soil fertility
- Increases microbial activity in soil
- Builds soil carbon reserves

Application Rates
Vegetable Gardens & Flower Beds: 2 cups BioChar Source per sq ft row or bed.  Work into top 4-6 in and water in. 

Potted Plants: Mix Bio-Char Source in at 10-20% of soil volume

Transplants: Add a 1 in layer of BioChar Source to the bottom of the hole

Turf Establishment: Apply 1/2" BioChar Source to bare soil prior to seeding. Work into top 4-6 in of existing soil.  Add seed, rake, and water thoroughly.  For turf maintenance: top dress 1/8", rake, water thoroughly

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