Greentrees Hydroponics Mutli Flow 12-site Complete Hydroponic System

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The Greentrees Hydroponics 12-Site Multi Flow System is essentially an ebb and flow style hydroponic growing system that relies on gravity as the primary means of moving water throughout the system. The brains of this setup is a control unit that consists of a 3.5 gallon container, with a timer and a relay box mounted on the side, and float switches mounted inside of it to maintain the level of water in the system automatically. The timer operates in 15 minutes increments, allowing for more control over watering each cycle. Each pin pushed down on the timer will water the system for 15 minutes. This is better than timers that only allow for a 30 minute increment due to the fact that plants only need to be watered to the point or root saturation and then they prefer any excess water to be removed. Also, as the water is drained away from the roots it creates a pulling action that pulls oxygen down into the root system!

- Controller: 16" tall x 12" wide x 15" deep
- 55 Gallon Reservoir: 24" wide x 36" tall
- Individual Pots: 9.5" wide x 14" tall
- 12-Site System: 48 square feet, 7' x 7'

System Includes
- 55 Gallon Drum Reservoir
- Control Unit
- 12 Inner and Outer Pots
- All fittings, tubing, and pumps

Multi Flow System Manual

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