HLG 300L V2 Rspec LED Fixture

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Horticulture Lighting Group LED fixtures offer a simple solution for efficient, high quality, indoor lighting at an affordable price.  With many options to choose from, there's a unit for just about every application. 

The HLG 300 V2 R Spec LED grow light is designed as a one to one replacement for the classic 600w HPS HID fixture. Every 300 V2 utilizes two of HLG's custom designed full-spectrum, high-efficiency, white light quantum boards with Samsung LM301H diodes and Deep Red LED 660nm. These fixtures are passively cooled so you don't have to rely on an added fan or ventilation to keep your fixture from overheating. 

Inventronics EUM-240 Dimmer
- 120v power cord with a standard Nema 5-15P plug
- 3 year warranty

Power 30-250 Watts
Voltage Range 90-277 VAC
Flowering Footprint 2.5' x 2.5' or 3' x 3'
Veg Footprint 4'X4'
System PPF Efficacy 2.7 μmol/joule
Total output 679 PPF
Dimensions 26" x 10" x 2.75"
Recommended Mounting Height 18-24 inches

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