Hydro Crunch Aluminum Ducting with Clamps

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Hydro Crunch's aluminum ducting is a great choice for various applications including greenhouses, grow rooms, grow tents, HVAC, bathrooms, and other general applications.  This super thick aluminum laminate features 3 layers for added durability and it helps to absorb and evenly dissipate exhausted heat.  This ducting features a helical shape and an internally crimped stainless steel strip for improved strength.  The interlocking steel strips and included ducting clamps help create an air-tight seal so that you don't get any heat or odor leaks.  

Includes a set of 2 ducting clamps. 

- 3-ply super thick aluminum laminate
- Heat resistant up to 185˚F
- Fire resistant coating
- Features a corrosion resistant wire helix
- Free ducting clamps!

WARNING: Do not use this product for any dryer venting applications!

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