Hydro Crunch Fan Speed Controller

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The Hydro Crunch Variable Fan Speed Controller is great for adjusting fan speeds for fans built with a Brushed Motor.  If your fan does not utilize a brush motor then this product will not work with your fan.  Works great with inline fans, duct boosters, exhaust fans, centrifugal fans, and more.  Reducing your fans speed can help control noise in your grow space.  This controller can effectively reduce your fan speed by 20-50%.  In order to determine your fan's adjustable range rotate the knob of the Hydro Crunch Variable Speed Controller from the HIGH setting towards LOW setting until you start hearing fan's motor hum. Do not decrease the operating speed of your fan past the "hum" point.

The Hydro Crunch Variable Fan Speed Controller isn't suitable for Non-Brushed motor fans or fans with built-in speed controllers.

- 4 Settings: Off, Low, Med, High
- Plugs directly into the wall
- Wall mounting option
- Instructions included

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