Kootenay In-Line Carbon Filter 1000 w/ 6" Flange - 295 CFM

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Kootenay's Inline Carbon Filters are made using granulated virgin activated granular charcoal and a galvanized steel housing.  They can be placed at any point between the inlet and outlet in your ducting system and allow for air flow in either direction.  A two inch granulated carbon bed depth makes this filter both extremely effective and light weight. 

Max Exhaust CFM 295 CFM
Max Recirculate CFM 590 CFM
Max Operating Temp 176˚F
Min Recommended Airflow 148 CFM
Outside Diameter 14.3"
Length 30.5"
Total Weight 37.4 lbs
Carbon Weight 11.2 lbs
Carbon Bed 2.0"

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