'Clemson' Maitake Mushroom Plug Spawn - 100 count

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PLEASE NOTE THAT MAITAKE CULTIVATION ON LOGS IS EXPERIMENTAL. WE CANNOT GUARANTEE THAT YOU WILL GET FRUIT ONCE YOU PLANT IT. Maitake should be planted on large rounds of oak, which can take a long time to colonize and fruit. 

A gorgeous clumping polypore, Maitake (a.k.a Hen of the Wood) is known for its full and rich flavor, prized medicinal qualities, and beautiful structure. This particular Maitake strain was collected from a White Oak located in the South Carolina Botanical Garden in Clemson, SC. Maitake are known to take longer to establish themselves and begin fruiting as the mycelium is a very slow one to spread. However, once established you can expect fruiting for many years. Can be consumed cooked, dried, as a tincture, and so on.

Maitake have a strong and forward flavor, meaty, unctuous, and savory. Texture is purported to be crunchy and meat-like. Recommended to cook using oil instead of butter to open up the flavors.

Fruiting Temperatures/Conditions
Maitake will fruit for you in the fall and winter and prefers a temperature in the 50-65˚F range in order to produce fruiting bodies.

Wood Types/Media
Maitake actually grows on buried wood and likes to spread under the leaf layer on the ground prior to sending up fruits. We recommend buried oak logs/stumps.

Package contains ~100 inoculated plugs by weight.

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