McEnroe Organic Premium Potting Soil

Size: 22 qt
Location 22 qt 1/20 CY
Asheville: 0 7
Carrboro: 5 0
Charlottesville: 0 34
Greensboro: 0 0
Pittsboro Warehouse: 0 0


McEnroe Organic Farm was started in 1953 in Millerton, NY and they're still an independently owned operation to this day.  They've been operating organically for over 25 years and work with local restaurants and other operations to receive food waste that they then convert to compost.  Most of this compost is used on their own farm, but some of it makes its way to you!

McEnroe's Organic Premium Potting Soil starts with their Premium Organic Compost and sustainably collected peat moss.  Sand is added instead of perlite in order to promote drainage.  A complex and balanced charge of quick-release organic nutrients and minerals is included in order to promote rapid healthy rooting and growth.  This blend is great for soil blocking, up-potting seedlings, and revitalizing garden beds. 

Organic compost, peat moss, sand, organic supplements & minerals

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