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Predatory nematodes specifically eat soil borne pests and insects and absolutely do not harm your plants or earthworms!  This biological form of pest control is about as safe and natural as they come as you are relying on tiny organisms and natural cycles to address your garden pests.

The Nature's Control Predatory Nematode Sponge relies on a blend of two different species of predatory nematodes referred to as the "Double-Death" blend. You will receive both the Steinernema carpocapsae and Heterorhabditis heliothedis species of nematodes in this sponge.  These two species occupy different soil stratum and ensure that soil borne pests are addressed regardless of where they happen to be!  

In order to use the Nematode Sponge you will simply soak all or part of the sponge in water thus releasing the nematodes into solution.  Then you can spray, water, or fertigate the solution into the soil.  This solution must be used within two hours of mixing.  One sponge contains over one million live nematodes and can treat up to 3,000 square feet. 

- All natural and biological pest control
- Treats over 100 different pests and insects
- Treat up to 3,000 sq ft per sponge
- Sponge can be cut and used as needed
- Lasts 4-6 weeks in the soil
- Lasts up to 2 months in refrigerator
- Can be used to treat foliage

Soak sponge in one gallon of water in order to release nematodes.  This gallon can then be further diluted to whatever volume you need to treat the area you would like.  You can then water them into the soil using most any means necessary.  Watering cans, pump sprayers, fertilizer-injector, and more!  Be sure to use within 2 hours of mixing or the nematodes will begin to drown.  Apply in the early morning or evening and water in thoroughly.  

Click here for a list of insects controlled by Predatory Nematodes!

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