Phantom PHENO 440 LED Grow Light - 440w

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Phantom's PHENO 440 LED grow light merges a high photon flux with superior efficiency for a top of the line grow fixture. Featuring a low-profile design and a wide voltage range that is great for a wide range of situations. Both of the light bars on this unit are adjustable and allow you to adjust your light spread based on your grow space. An integrated light output knob and PX port gives you increased control over the amount of light put into your canopy. This super efficient and highly versatile system is compatible with all PX series controllers (sold separately) in order to manage photoperiod and output.

The PHENO 440 is suitable for your entire grow as it serves both the vegetative and flowering phases. The advanced Multi Phase (MP) spectrum provides an optimized red to blue ratio for vigorous growth and maximized flower development.

This unit also provides the functionality of an on board dimming knob. This allows the grower to adjust the intensity of the photon output in order to account for the various stages of plant growth. At 100%, the PHENO uses 440W and its output is 1100 μmol/s photon flux (PPF). At 40%, the PHENO uses 176w and puts out 40% of the photon flux. The Multi-Phase spectrum does not change when using the dimmer knob and the ratio of red to blue light is unaffected by dimming.  


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