Radius Root Slayer Round Head Shovel

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Radius is known for their ergonomically designed and unconventionally shaped tool handles. The Root Slayer series of tools is specifically targeted at…you guessed it, getting’ through them roots.  Each Root Slayer sports a unique saw pattern on the edges in order to make short work of roots that may impede your household projects. Featuring that trademark O-shaped Radius handle for the ultimate grip.

The Root Slayer Round Point Shovel melds all the benefits of the Root Slayer technology with those of the classic Round Point Shovel.  Improving on the design of the standard shovel, this one features a convenient sharp cutting V in the tip of the head.  This shovel is able to move through heavy clay, rocky soils, and other compacted or obstructed situations.  Move more volume of soil than the Original Root Slayer with this Round Point Shovel.  Guaranteed for a lifetime. 

Blade Length = 10.25 in
Blade Width = 10 in
Total Length = 43 in
Weight: 6 lbs

Material: Blade is tempered mid-Carbon steel, polypropylene encased carbon steel shaft, and thermoplastic elastomer grip

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