Spectralux T5 HO Red (3000K) 4 ft Fluorescent Bulb - 54 watt

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Spectralux makes top quality horticultural High Output T5 replacement lamps that are great for a wide variety of uses.  T5 Fluorescent bulbs are a great low energy and low heat option for starting seeds or growing indoor plants!  

HO T5 lamps are great for seed starting, cloning, propagation, houseplants, growing on racks, and more!  These 3000K lamps are great for flowering, fruiting, or blooming plants too!

- Low energy usage
- Low heat generated
- Inexpensive to replace
- LED replacements available
- Great for seedlings

Wattage: 54 watt
Spectrum: 3000K / Red / Bloom spectrum
Length: 4 ft
Style: T5

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