Superponics SuperCloner 14-Site Hydroponic System

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Superponic's SuperCloner 14-Site hydroponic cloner makes growing a breeze!  This deep water culture system allows you to germinate, clone, and veg out your plants to nearly 2 feet in height. You'll even be able to flower and harvest certain plants!

This completely automated system promotes rapid and dense white root development and will maximize your rate of success for both germination and cloning with up to 14 seeds or clones. This compact growing system comes almost completely assembled and requires very little setup before you're ready to grow! 

Just follow these simple instructions and you'll be good to grow:

  1. Refresh your reservoir every week or two
  2. Add nutrients
  3. Adjust your pH as needed
  4. Relax and watch the growth

System Includes
- SuperCloner 14-site system
- 14x 2" Net Cups
- EcoPlus Air 2 Pump
- 2x Air Stones
- Tubing for air stones

Other items you'll need to purchase
- Media for net cups. Starter plugs, Rockwool, Hydroton, etc...
- Nutrients
- Seeds/Clones
- Grow Light
- Water

Instruction Manual

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