White Labs Burlington Ale Yeast - WLP095

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This White Labs yeast is ideal for New England-style IPAs as it is the signature strain for a brewery located in the Northeast United States. This strain adds personality to your beer with its esters and body and will blend with hop flavors and aromas while balancing bitterness. Esters are higher than WLP001 California Ale Yeast®. Increasing the temperature at the end of fermentation is suggested, as this strain has been known to result in more diacetyl.

Attenuation: 75-80%
Flocculation: Medium
Alcohol Tolerance: 8-12% ABV
Optimum Ferm Temp: 66-72˚F

Recommended Styles: Brown Ale, Hazy/Juicy IPA, Pale Ale, Porter, Red Ale, Stout

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